Hoshang Dadrass

In 2006, if one asked Hoshang Dadrass what he thought of restaurant business and hospitality, he would shrug it off as a thankless and uninspiring career choice. Little did he realize that his acquired love to value a guest’s absolute satisfaction would entice him to make a drastic decision to accept a duty as central as the General Manager of L’Andana Grill, and then Ostra.

Born and raised in the north of Afghanistan, Hoshang’s teenage dreams were to follow in his father’s footsteps of practicing medicine. After graduating high school, Hoshang chose to attend pre-medicine at Boston University, where he quickly realized that his passion for medicine was merely a reflection of his father’s dreams and not his own. He, thus, majored in Chemistry in the hopes of one day becoming a teacher.

While attending school, he also accepted a back-server/food runner position at Teatro. Because this industry had nothing to do with his career goals, it took Hoshang almost a year to begin to admire the hospitality business, where he realized the considerable feeling of gratification when a hard night’s work would be equally appreciated by his colleagues as well as the guests.

His punctuality, eagerness to learn, willingness to assist at any time, and growing love for making the guests feel at home were being recognized by the management at Teatro. He was quickly promoted to a server and then a bartender. After almost seven years in the restaurant, when opportunity arose, the Columbus Hospitality Group took an immense chance and offered the responsibility to Hoshang as the General Manager of Teatro.

With full support from the upper management, Hoshang soon proved that the company could have complete reliance on his leadership qualities. As soon as six months later, Hoshang was given another opportunity to run L’Andana. At L’Andana is where Hoshang truly fell in love with the hospitality business. His passion to ensure that his guests feel as if they are dining in their own home, being served from their own kitchen by one of their own, has been an integral part of building and maintaining an exceptional relationship with the local businesses as well as families.

After serving over four years as the General Manager of L’Andana in Burlington, Hoshang once again found his way back to the city, taking over the managerial responsibilities at our sister restaurant, Ostra. Ostra’s chic decor and Mediterranean influenced cuisine suit Hoshang’s personality and his approach to hospitality. His evolution in this industry—from a skeptic to a genuine ambassador—has been the only constant in Hoshang’s career with the Columbus Hospitality Group.

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