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Alex Hage

General Manager

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Alex Hage was introduced to the restaurant industry at the age of eighteen when he left his home country of Lebanon to assist his uncle with the operation of a successful Jazz Bistro in Gambia, West Africa. Here he discovered his skills and passion for hospitality.

In 2001 he moved to Michigan to study business at Oakland University. While attending school he learned the importance of a business background in becoming successful in the hospitality industry. While attending school full time, Alex also managed a local Middle Eastern restaurant, becoming instrumental in its continued growth and success.

When Alex visited Boston in 2006, he immediately fell in love with its diverse culture. Shortly after his visit, he decided to make Boston his home. In 2007, Alex joined the Columbus Hospitality Group as Beverage Manager for L’Andana in Burlington, MA where he continued to build his knowledge of products and hospitality. CHG recognized Alex’s potential and offered him the position of General Manager of Teatro in 2008.

Because of Alex’s growth and success at Teatro, in 2009 he was offered the position of General Manager at L’Andana. Here he realized the importance of building long-term relationships and providing a consistent dining experience for his guests.

When it came time to select a leader for Ostra, ownership realized the importance of finding an individual with strong character and relevant experience to ensure its growth and success. Alex’s charming personality and attention to detail have been key factors in his management style, which can be described as both commanding and approachable.